The inquiries we receive most often, every season, are based on registration financial information, refund situations, equipment use and players using parent purchased equipment.

Does PAAL offer financial assistance?

PAAL offers a Deferred Payment Plan, for families that may not be able to pay the entire cost of registration, at season start.  The parent/guardian wishing to explore this option, will initiate their discussion with the PAAL Athletic Director.  The parent/guardian will indicate what they are able to initially put down on their account, with the remaining balance then spread out over the course of season until the remaining balance is paid in full.  A limited number of 'full-ride' scholarships are available, for those most in need, of PAAL sponsorship support.  As above, the parent/guardian is to initiate that discussion with the PAAL Athletic Director, and is handled on a case by case basis.  The PAAL Athletic Director may choose to escalate special requests to the PAAL Board President, for resolution.  It should be understood, that it is PAAL's goal, to keep all of our young participants on the field or court!

If my registered child begins a season, but does not wish to continue, am I eligible for a pro-rated refund?

Yes, as long as your player has not played in more than -1- regular season game.

If my child becomes injured and cannot continue, am I eligible for a pro-rated refund?

Yes, as long as player has not played in more than -1- regular season game, or if approved by PAAL Athletic Director.

Does my son/daughter need a physical to participate?

PAAL requires a physical for players in 2nd through 6th grade.  Physicals need to be completed and paperwork turned in before their first practice.

Can my child/player use football equipment (helmet/shoulder pads) that I provide?

Yes, however, both must comply with the high safety standards set by our PAAL Board and, must be inspected by the PAAL Athletic Director before using, either in practice or in a game, to ensure compliance.

Does PAAL provide mouth pieces for football?

No, it is the parents responsibility to provide their child/player mouth piece.  Players, in the Sergeant, Major and Colonel divisions MUST have a mouth piece to be eligible to practice or play in a game.  Mouthpieces will be available for sale for $2.00 at the PAAL Concession Trailer, throughout the football season, as players sometimes lose or forget their mouthpiece.  NO PLAYER in the divisions listed above, can practice or play without a mouthpiece.