PAAL Football

PAAL Flag Football: Grades Pre-K -> 1st “Cadet” Division
PAAL Tackle-Bar: Grade 2 “Sergeants” Division
PAAL Tackle: Grades 3rd & 4th “Majors” Division
PAAL Tackle: Grades 5th & 6th “Colonels” Division

Registration opens April 1st; Registration closes July 18th (after the Call-Out event)
Call-Out! On Saturday July 10th @ * to be determined
Football Camp: M-W July 19th -> July 21st @ PAAL Football Field
Practice begins on July 26th @ PAAL Football Field
First Game on August 14th @ PAAL Football Field

PAAL Football is a developmental program for pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. Our stair-step approach to safely teach the game keeps the activity fun for both the players and their parents. The Cadet Division of pre-K->1st grade is a flag league that uses Gamebreaker soft-shell helmets. Their play is on a smaller, 30- yard wide x 45-yard long, field. The Sergeants Division is made up of 2nd graders and is our Tackle-Bar league. They play on the same 30-yard x 45-yard field. The emphasis becomes learning proper footwork to stay ahead of the play, while completing a ‘tackle’ by pulling a styro-foam bar. Players are not taken to the ground in this league. The Majors Division belongs to the 3rd and 4th grade and is a tackle football division that plays on a 1⁄2 scale field. Line play is in a 2-point stance, where the speed of blocking acquisition is most evenly matched, across skill and athletic capability levels. Our Colonel Division is our 5th and 6th graders and is a tackle football league that plays on a full-size field.

Our PAAL Football Season ends in late-October.

Football Schedule

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