PAAL Basketball

The PAAL Basketball Season begins in late February as local school basketball programs end.  The first week of April is often chosen for our long-standing event, the PAAL Basketball Jamboree!  It is a full day of basketball, that runs into the evening hours, beginning with our youngest players in the morning, and progressing by age groups, throughout the day.  The Jamboree is one of our most favorite days, on the PAAL calendar, as we're able to witness the skill growth, of our PAAL basketball players.

The PAAL Basketball Jamboree is game #1 of a 6-game season, played in surrounding elementary school gyms.  Our Cadets play on 7'6" goals, while the Sergeants, Majors and Colonels all play on standard 10' goals.  The Sergeants, Majors and Colonels play a single elimination tournament at the end of the season, with either Columbus East High School or Columbus North High School, hosting the Championship games.  Our season ends, just before the summer, school recess.


Basketball Schedule